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Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 10:30:55 MET

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    At 16:18 11/03/2002 +0100, you wrote:

    >I'm planning to write a program that uses statistical methods to identify
    >junk e-mail. Does anyone know of a corpus of junk mail that I could use ?

    A number of collections of spam and legitimate messages can be accessed
    from my page on Machine Learning for spam detection, at, including:

    * Ling-spam (
    and PU1 ( by
    Androutsopoulos and colleagues

    * Spambase (
    hosted at the UCI Machine Learning Repository
    ( and built by George Forman
    and colleagues

    These are relatively standard collections used for evaluating spam
    detection approaches, as you can see in my bibliography

    Koltz and colleagues comment in their paper (available at that they
    plan to make their spam collection public at their corporation website
    ( This collection may be very interesting.

    Alternatively, you can build a spam vs legitimate collection using widely
    known spam repositories. the problem is legitimate email, which is not
    usually public. As Androutsopoulos, you may use messages from a public
    list, but the most sensible approach is use some publicly donated personal
    email, in order to reflect personal email usage.

    Hope this helps

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