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           First announcement and call for papers and other contributions
                      A Roadmap for Computational Linguistics
                              Saturday, August 31 2002
                      Workshop in conjunction with COLING 2002
                  (August 24 - September 1, 2002, Taipei, Taiwan)
                                Organized by ELSNET
        Context and objective
       ELSNET is the European Network of Excellence in Human Language
       Technologies, which was created in 1991, with a view to supporting and
       facilitating research, development and training in the field of
       language and speech technologies and related areas. The network funded
       by the European Commission, but its scope is not limited to Europe.
       This workshop should be seen as a step in ELSNET's aim to build a
       roadmap for language and speech technology. It is one of a number of
       workshops of this type that have been and will be organised in order
       to arrive at a broadly supported roadmap for our field, which should
       help us identifying major challenges, setting research priorities and
       defining common goals. At this workshop we will
         * confront the audience with the approach and the results of
           ELSNET's roadmapping exercise thus far;
         * invite participants to give their own presentation of what they
           see as the main longer term challenges and internmediate
           milestones in our field as well as their strategies to meet these
         * organise panel and discussion sessions aimed at reaching a
           consensus on what the main challenges and priorities are.
       As a special feature we will invite a number of rapporteurs to have a
       critical look at the papers presented at the various thematic sessions
       of the main conference, with a view to relating them to the main
       challenges and milestones: do we spot new challenges, new milestones,
       new strategies, new directions, regional differences, etc. All reports
       and summaries of discussions will be integrated in ELSNET's Roadmap,
       and given wide distribution via ELSNET's communication channels
       (website, newsletter, discussion forums, etc).
        Target audience
       A workshop of this type will be most appealing to people who are
       interested in developing longer term strategic views, e.g. senior
       scientists in charge of longer term research policies (both in
       academia and in industry), but also researchers and developers who
       have specific views on what will happen or what should happen, should
       feel invited to attend and contribute, as well as people who are
       responsible for the education of future generartions of researchers
       and developers.
       We invite papers that can contribute to the creation and further
       improvement of the roadmap for our field, such as (but not limited
         * visions of the future
         * identification of major challenges emanating from research results
           or from application needs
         * identification of major milestones on our way towards our goals
           and their interdependencies
         * comparative assessment of technologies and their impact on our
         * ways to address the growing demand for training, especially (but
           noy exclusively) across disciplines and aimed at professionals
           already working in the field
         * ways to address the increasing needs for novel resources, both for
           the commercially interesting languages and for other languages
        Other contributions
       We also invite proposals for other possible contributions to this
       workshop, such as (but not limited to):
         * Proposals for a panel session. Proposers should describe the
           specific topic of a one hour panel session, including names of
           potential panelists. The proposer of an accepted panel should be
           prepared to assist the ELSNET team in the organisation of the
         * Proposals to act as a rapporteur for a specific subtheme of the
           main conference. Proposers should be willing to give an up to 15
           minutes report on the impact the papers related to this subtheme
           presented at the main conference on the future development of our
           field. Proposals should identify the proposer's preferred
           subtheme, and should provide evidence that the proposer has
           sufficient professional experience to do this job (e.g. a CV,
           pointers to relevant publications, supporting letters from
           colleagues, etc.).
       Panel reports and subtheme reports will be given wide distribution
       after the workshop, but by their nature they can not be published in
       the proceedings. In order to compensate panel organisers and
       rapporteurs for the fact that their efforts -however impactful they
       may turn out to be- will not result in standard academic publications,
       ELSNET will reimburse their workshop registration fee.
        Submission and calendar
       Abstracts for workshop papers, panel proposals or proposals to act as
       a rapporteur should not exceed four A4 pages, and should be sent
       electronically in plain ASCII text, in MS Word or in PDF format to by Friday, April 26 2002.
       Deadline for Submissions: Fri 26 April 2002
       Notification of Acceptance for papers, panels and rapporteurs: Fri 24
       May 2002
       Final Versions of Papers Due: Fri 28 June 2002
       Workshop: Sat 31 August 2002
        Registration and other information
       Registration details and other information will be published on the
       main conference website:
       The URL for this workshop is
        Workshop PC
       *composition to be confirmed*
       Steven Krauwer (Chair),
       ELSNET / Utrecht University
       Trans 10 phone: +31 30 253 6050
       3512 JK UTRECHT, NL fax: +31 30 253 6000

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