Corpora: Seminar on letters and letter writing

From: Margaret Sonmez (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 11:48:09 MET

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    This is to announce that the deadline for submissions to our Seminar on Letters and Letter Writing (part of the ESSE6 conference) has been extended to March 15th. If you wish to present a paper at this event please send your abstract to one of the convenors as soon as you can. The details follow.

    ESSE6 Strasbourg. August 30th-September 3rd, 2002

    S49. Seminar on Letters and Letter Writing

    Convenors: Minna Palander-Collin (Univ, of Helsinki)
                      Minna Nevala (Univ. of Helsinki)
                      Margaret Sonmez (METU, Ankara)

    email addresses:

    This seminar invites literary and linguistic scholars who use various types of letters as their research material to submit papers on letters and letter writing from early English correspondence to present-day computer-mediated communication. Presentations for this session might deal with such topics as the origin, form and purpose of a letter; the influence of letters on different types of discourse (eg newsletters, epistolary novels); the role of letter-writing instruction and writing manuals; and the linguistic characteristics common to letters in different times.

    Link to ESSE6 web site:

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