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Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 20:04:03 MET

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                             First Call for Papers

                                EDILOG 2002


                             Edinburgh University
                               Sept 4th-6th 2002


    Edilog 2002 will be the sixth in a series of workshops that aims to
    bring together researchers working on the semantics and pragmatics of
    dialogues in fields such as artificial intelligence, formal semantics
    and pragmatics, computational linguistics, philosophy, and psychology.

    We invite abstracts on all topics related to the semantics and
    pragmatics of dialogues, including, but not limited to:

    - models of common ground/mutual belief in communication
    - modelling agents' information states and how they get updated
    - multi-agent models and turn-taking
    - goals, intentions and commitments in communication
    - semantic interpretation in dialogues
    - reference in dialogues
    - dialogue and discourse structure
    - interpretation of questions and answers
    - nonlinguistic interaction in communication
    - natural language understanding and reasoning in spoken dialogue systems
    - multimodal dialogue systems
    - dialogue management in practical implementations
    - categorisation of dialogue moves or speech acts in corpora
    - designing and evaluating dialogue systems


    Authors should submit an anonymous extended abstract of at most 5
    single-column pages (for talks with a duration of 30' plus 10'
    discussion) together with a separate page specifying the authors'
    names, affiliation, address, and e-mail address. The abstracts should
    be submitted electronically (in LaTeX, postscript, html, ascii, or pdf
    format) to: Submission have to be in
    English, which is the workshop language. For the accepted talks, a
    LaTeX style will be made available.


    Abstracts due: May 10th
    Acceptance notice: July 5th
    Final version due: August 9th
    Conference: Sept 4th-6th


    Under Discussion

    PROGRAM COMMITTEE (provisional):

    Johan Bos and Colin Matheson (joint chairs), Ellen Bard, Anton Benz,
    Peter Bosch, Robin Cooper, Claire Gardent, Jonathan Ginzburg, Joris
    Hulstijn, Yasuhiro Katagiri, Jan van Kuppevelt, Alex Lascarides, Ian
    Lewin, Johanna Moore, Paul Piwek, Massimo Poesio, Hannes Rieser, Rob
    van der Sandt, David Traum, Bonnie Webber, Henk Zeevat.


    The workshop will take place at Edinburgh University. The local
    organizers are Johan Bos, Colin Matheson, and Johanna Moore.


    Information about Edinburgh University:

    News about the conference will be posted on the workshop's Web
    page at

    Send email to or for
    questions about local arrangements.

    Previous workshops in this series include:

    MunDial'97 (Munich)
    Twendial'98 (Twente)
    Amstelogue'99 (Amsterdam)
    Gotalog'00 (Gothenburg)
    Bidialog'01 (Bielefeld)

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