Corpora: Fall School: Empirical Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

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Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 19:29:46 MET

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                     Fall School 2002 in Sozopol, Bulgaria
           Empirical Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

                            CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

    International Doctoral Program in Empirical Linguistics and Natural
    Language Processing is inviting applications to a fall school in
    Sozopol, Bulgaria, this fall.

    Dates: September 9th - 20th 2002 (days of arrival and departure)

    Place: Resort town of Sozopol (Black Sea), Bulgaria

    Language: English


    Participants should be doctoral students who research the interfaces
    between Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics and formal
    approaches to grammar. In exceptional cases, postdoctoral researchers
    as well as outstanding students in the final year of masters level
    studies who intend to pursue a doctorate will also be considered. The
    fall school is limited to 24 students. Admission to the school is
    competitive and is based on the research interests of the applicants
    and the perceived benefits of these interests to the school as a
    whole. Participants must be proficient in English.


    The Volkswagen-Foundation will provide stipends for participants from
    Central and Eastern Europe. This will comprise travel costs (up to 400
    Euro), and room and board for the duration of the fall school. In
    special circumstances, students may apply for additional support with
    travel costs.


    Participants who are not sponsored by a Volkswagen-Foundation stipend
    should anticipate approximately Euro 90 for room and board per
    day. Costs for transportation to and from the fall school are not
    included in this estimate.


    Applications with a completely filled in registration form (available
    from, a curriculum vita,
    and a short (maximum three pages) summary of relevant past and present
    research and education must be submitted to the Office of the
    International Centre at Tuebingen by April 1st 2002. Applicants should
    indicate whether they are applying for a stipend.

    Stipend applications must include a letter of recommendation with
    their application.

    Internationales Zentrum fuer Wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit
    Universitaet Tuebingen
    Keplerstr. 17
    D - 72074 Tuebingen
    Tel.: (0049) 7071 / 29 - 77352 or /29 - 74156
    Fax: (0049) 7071 / 29 5989

    Content and Goals

    Corpus Linguistics is of increasing importance in Computational
    Linguistics and related research areas. Located at the interface of
    machine-based Natural Language Processing and Empirical Linguistics
    (which is concerned with the structure of particular languages), the
    increasing importance of Corpus Linguistics is mainly due to its
    contribution to practical applications in Computational
    Linguistics. Currently, initiatives in Corpus Linguistics exist in
    practically all European countries, and it is particularly worth
    stressing the significant advances in Eastern and Central European
    countries in this area.

    The international doctoral program "Empirical Linguistics and Natural
    Language Processing" aims at bringing together a larger group of PhD
    students from Eastern and Central European countries who are concerned
    with questions of Computational Linguistics and of adjacent
    disciplines, and providing intensive support for a small group of PhD

    Preliminary Course Program

    Erhard Hinrichs, Tübingen: Computational Tools for Corpus Linguistics
    Tilman Berger, Tübingen: Corpus-Based Investigation of Issues in
    Marek Swidzinski, Warsaw: Formal Description of Polish in the
                               Grammar Formalism.
    Adam Przepiorkowski, Warsaw: Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar for
    Kiril Simov, Sofia: XML-based Corpus Linguistics.
    Vladimir Petkevic, Prague: Morphological and Syntactic Tagging of
    Anatolij N. Baranov, Moscow: Applications of Text Corpora to

    Student Sessions

    Student sessions of the fall school will provide participants a chance
    to discuss their current work with lecturers and other participants of
    the school.

    Contact for further information:

    Kiril Ivanov Simov (Sofia):
    Julia Trushkina (Tuebingen):


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