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                           3rd CALL FOR PAPERS

                            International Conference on
                    Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of
               Semantics for Large Scale Information Systems (ODBASE)

                   October 29 - November 1, Irvine, California

                   Proceedings to be published by IEEE Press

    A key challenge in making the Internet and the Web a more friendly and
    productive place is to fill more meaning to the vast and continuously
    growing amount of data on the Net. This is a vision that is shared
    both by the Worl Wide Web community, incarnated by the notion of the
    ôSemantic Webö coined by Tim Berners Lee, and researchers from a
    number of areas including data and knowledge engineering, databases,
    intelligent agent systems, information retrieval, information sciences
    and linguistics. The claim is that the emergence of meaning that is
    associated with data and documents found on the Internet will boost
    diverse applications such as e-commerce, enterprise and information
    integration, knowledge engineering, geographic information systems,
    digital libraries, ubiquitous computing, and intelligent information
    access. Data semantics and ontologies for large-scale information
    systems have become an important topic in research communities across
    several displines, research funding agencies, as well as various

    The international conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and
    Applications of Semantics intends to create a forum to exchange views,
    ideas and experiences on ontologies and data semantics from different
    disciplines. A goal of the ODBASE conference is to bring researchers
    from databases, Semantic Web, and knowledge management together to
    discuss specific problems and promising approaches to providing more
    meaning for the growing amount of data on the Internet and in
    ubiquitous computing. A unique character of the ODBASE conferences is
    its specialization on data semantic issues for very large ontology and
    Internet systems, and its strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity and
    practical applicability of systems, tools and methods for supporting
    semantics in large-scale information systems. The program committee of
    ODBASE 2002 consists of leading experts from diverse discplines
    including formal ontology, databases, geographic information systems,
    library science, logic, and knowledge management. We have special
    interest in papers that bridge traditionally separated areas such as
    databases, intelligent systems, and knowledge engineering, and papers
    that address issues of scalability in data semantics on the Internet
    and ubiquitous computing systems.

    ODBASE'02 is part of the Federated Symposium Event that is organized
    within the global theme "On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems
    and Ubiquitous Computing 2002". This federated event co-locates three
    related and complementary successful conferences in the areas of
    Intelligent Networked Information Systems, covering key issues in Data
    and Web Semantics (ODBASE'02), Distributed Objects, Infrastructure and
    Enabling Technology and Internet Computing (DOA'02), and Workflow,
    Cooperation, and Interoperability (CoopIS'02), as required for the
    deployment of Internet- and Intranet-based systems in organizations
    and for e-business. More details about this federated event can be
    found at

    Areas of interest of ODBASE'02 include but are not limited to:

       * Representation and Storage:
         Information, Data and Knowledge Modeling
         Ontology Languages
         Hypertext and Hypermedia
         Semi-Structured Data
         Multimedia Data and Metadata
         Semantics of E-Services
         Management of Large Knowledge Repositories
         Management and Integration of Large Ontology Bases
         Metadata Repositories
         Semantic Middleware

       * Construction and Methodologies:
         Database Integration
         E-Service Integration
         Searching and Managing Dynamic Contents
         Data and Web Mining
         Intelligent Information Agents
         Information Retrieval
         Filtering and Summarization
         Multimedia Metadata Annotation
         Ontology Extraction and Learning
         Self-organization in Information Systems

       * Applications and Evaluation:
         Semantic Web
         Domain/Application Ontology
         Ontology of Information Processing
         Electronic Commerce
         Digital Libraries
         Media Archives
         Enterprise-wide Information Systems
         Web-based Information Systems
         Location-dependent information services
         Web Services and Service Interoperability
         Information Dissemination
         Ubiquitous and Mobile Information Systems


         Paper Submission Deadline: May 31, 2002
         Acceptance Notification: July 15, 2002
         Final Version Due: August 20, 2002
         Conference: October 30 - November 1, 2002


         All submitted papers will be carefully evaluated based on originality,
         significance, technical soundness, and clarity of expression. Papers
         that bridge two or more areas should be marked as BRIDGE papers. They
         will be reviewed jointly by the appropriate PC sub-areas. All
         submissions must be in English. Research submissions must not exceed
         8,000 words. Submissions can either be in Postscript, MS Word, or Pdf
         format and should be done through the following URL


         The final proceedings will be published by IEEE Press. Failure to
         commit to presentation at the conference automatically excludes a
         paper from the proceedings.


    General Co-Chairs

               Robert Meersman Zahir Tari Mike Papazoglou
               STARLab RMIT University Tilburg University
               Free University of Department of Infolab
               Brussels Computer Science PO Box 90153
               Building F-G 10, City Campus, GPO Box NL-5000 LE TILBURG
               Pleinlaan 2 2476V The Netherlands
               B-1050 Brussels Melbourne, VIC 3001
               Belgium Australia

    Program Committee Co-Chairs

               Karl Aberer Ling Liu Robert A. Meersman
               LSIR (Distributed College of VUB (Vrije
               Information Systems Computing, Universiteit
               Laboratory) Georgia Tech Brussel)
               EPFL, CH-1015 801 Atlantic Dr. Department of
               Lausanne, Atlanta, GA Computer Science
               Switzerland 30332-0280, USA STARlab, Building
                                                            Pleinlaan 2 B-1050
                                                            Brussels Belgium

    Tutorial Chair

              Vipul Kashyap
              Telcordia, USA

    Organising Chair

              Douglas Schmit
              University of
              California, Irvine

    Publicity Chair

               Ugur Cetintemel
               Department of
               Computer Science
               Brown University,

    Program Committee Members

               Christoph Bussler Oracle, USA
               Tiziana Catarci University of Rome, Italy
               Arbee Chen National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
               Vassilis Christophides FORTH, Greece
               Terence Critchlow LLNL, USA
               Stefan Decker Stanford University, USA
               Tharam Dillon Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ., China
               Jérôme Euzenat INRIA, France
               Dieter Fensel Vrije Univ. Amsterdam, Netherlands
               Avigdor Gal Technion, Israel
               James Geller NJIT, USA
               Dimitrios Georgakopoulos Telcordia, USA
               Nicola Guarino CNR, Italy
               Terry Halpin Microsoft, USA
               Kamal Karlapalem IIIT, India
               Vipul Kashyap Telcordia, USA
               Manolis Koubarakis University of Crete, Greece
               Maurizio Lenzerini University of Rome, Italy
               Tok Wang Ling Ling Univ. of Singapore, Singapore
               Alexander Maedche FZI Karlsruhe, Germany
               Leo Mark Georgia Tech, USA
               Luigi Mazzucchelli University of Rome, Italy
               Alberto Mendelzon University of Toronto, Canada
               Michele Missikoff CNR, Italy
               John Mylopoulos University of Toronto, Canada
               Sham Navathe Georgia Tech, USA
               Erich Neuhold FHG-IPSI, Germany
               Maria Orlowska University of Queensland, Australia
               Aris Ouksel University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
               Mike Papazoglou Tilburg University, Netherlands
               Qing Li City University of Hong Kong, China
               Michel Scholl CNAM Paris, France
               Amit Sheth University of Georgia, USA
               Keng Siau University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
               John Sowa USA
               Rudi Studer University Karlsruhe, Germany
               Katia Sycara Carnegie Mellon University, USA
               Changjie Tang Tang Sichaun University, China
               Hans Weigand Tilburg University, Netherlands
               John Zeleznikow University of Edinburgh, UK

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