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                    Final call for Papers

                         LREC 2002
                        Workshop on

        Portability Issues in Human Language Technologies

        1st June 2002, Las Palmas, Canary Islands - Spain

    Please note that the poster abstract submission deadline
    has been extended through 8th March 2002.

    The proposed workshop is intended to continue the series of
    LREC workshops related to the integration of local and global
    languages ("Language Resources for European Minority Languages"
    (LREC'98)) as well as the workshop on "Developing Language
    Resources for Minority Languages: Re-usability and Strategic
    Priorities" (LREC'00)).


    - Deadline for workshop abstract submission:
        8th March 2002
    - Notification of acceptance:
        15th March 2002
    - Final version of the paper for the workshop proceedings:
        8th April 2002
    - Workshop:
        1st June 2002


    There are more than 6000 languages in the world, yet only a
    small number possess the resources required for implementation
    of Human Language Technologies (HLT). This imbalance in technical
    resources available to languages of the world is likely to result
    in a significant linguistic divide that further exacerbates global
    social and economic inequities unless decisive action is taken
    relatively soon. One potential means of ameliorating this
    imbalance in technology resources is through encouraging research
    in the portability of human language technology for multilingual

    Portability issues in HLT are important in the structuring and
    acquisition of local language resources. The primary objective of
    the workshop is to bring together participants from academia and
    industry to discuss and disseminate the current state of the art
    in multilingual research and development in the context of
    cross-language HLT transfer. Major challenges for HLT-portability
    research will also be discussed.

    The workshop will focus on the following topics and languages:
    - Linguistic corpora and portability (new models, language
            maps, novel systems for creating and managing multilingual
    - Automatic Speech Recognition (generic design in acoustic
            modelling, task portability, cross-language portability):
            - Acoustic modelling (monolingual and multilingual
                    modelling, cross-language transfer, finite state
                    automata, decision trees and data-driven methods);
            - Dictionary development (word-definition issues,
                    automatic dictionary acquisition);
            - Language modelling (the Internet as a linguistic
                    resource, language modelling in spoken language
    - Natural Language Processing (cross-language transfer of
            - Parsing;
            - Translation.


            Oral Session: Portability Issues in HLT
            Workshop Welcome and Introduction
            Bojan Petek
            Multilingual Time Maps: Portable Phonotactic Models for
            Speech Technology
            Julie Carson-Berndsen
            Automatic Phonetic and Prosodic Characterization of
            Spoken Language
            Steven Greenberg
            Creating Re-usable Documentation for Little-studied
            Steven Bird
            Some Issues in Speech Recognizer Portability
            Lori Lamel
    16:15 Break
            Oral Session: HLT and the Coverage of Languages
            Challenges and Opportunities in Portability of Human
            Language Technologies
            Bojan Petek
            Atlantis Project: Resources Available in the Internet
            to Serve Speakers and Learners of Minority Languages
            Salvador Climent Roca
            Towards the definition of a basic toolkit for HLT
            Kepa Sarasola
    17:45 Panel Discussion - Invited speakers will be included as
          panelist members.
    18:15 Poster Session
    20:00 End


    - Julie Carson-Berndsen, University College Dublin, Dublin,
    - Steven Greenberg, International Computer Science Institute,
      Berkeley, USA
    - Bojan Petek, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    - Kepa Sarasola, University of the Basque Country, Donostia,
      Basque Country


    Papers are invited that describe research and development in
    the area of Human Language Technology portability. All
    contributed papers will be presented in poster format. Each
    submission should include: title; author(s); affiliation(s);
    and contact author's e-mail address, postal address, telephone
    and fax numbers. Abstracts (maximum 500 words, plain-text format)
    should be sent via email to:

    Bojan Petek,

    All contributed papers will be printed in the workshop


    The registration fees for the workshop are:
    - If you are not attending LREC: 70 EURO
    - If you are attending LREC: 45 Euro

    These fees cover the following: a copy of the proceedings of
    the attended workshop, coffee-breaks and refreshments.
    Participation in the workshop is limited by the venue. Requests
    for participation will be processed on first come first served
    Registration will be handled by the LREC Secretariat.

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