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From: Rob Freeman (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 10:50:53 MET

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    I have a Web parsing demo illustrating a solution to the grammatical
    completeness problem at:


    This is not a system ready for prime time, but I think it does offer
    fundamental solutions for anyone who is tired of the status quo (=0 success
    for NLP in practical applications).

    Comments are welcome.


    Rob Freeman

    P.S. We're looking for collaboration to help rotate or smudge the data space
    if anyone is interested. Experience with linear algebra on word vectors would
    be idea.

    On Sunday 17 February 2002 03:04 pm, Marina Santini (Inwind) wrote:
    > I gather here all the useful links I received after my request, and
    > add some of my "Favourites".
    > Thank you to everybody.
    > Marina
    > The following parsers have a (demo) Web interface:
    > (AGFL - University of Nijmegen)
    > (LTG - Edinburgh)
    > (Conexor)
    > (Link Parser)
    > (Lingosoft)
    > UNIX/GNU parsers
    > (Grok - OpenNLP, it works also under MS DOS
    > mode) (Charniak - go to "Software")
    > (Gael de Chandendar developed a set of
    > Perl scripts to extract some machine- usable info form the result of Link
    > Parser)
    > (Collins parser)
    > Windows versions (parser)
    > (ApplePie Parser - it
    > parses a sentence typed at the DOS prompt)
    > (Link Parser - - compressed version of the Windows version of
    > the parser) (ProGrammar, trial
    > version. It is a self-contained Windows interface)
    > Chunker (partial parsing)
    > Useful pages for NLP resources:
    > (META LINKS)
    > (Statistical natural
    > language processing and corpus-based computational linguistics: An
    > annotated list of resources)
    > (Computational
    > Linguistics Resources)
    > (Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing - Christopher D.
    > Manning and Hinrich Schütze) (Bookmarks for
    > Corpus-based Linguists, by David Lee)
    > (Software Tools for NLP)
    > (Department of
    > Linguistics)

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