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From: Jean Veronis (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 18:41:23 MET

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    At 18:11 08/02/2002 +0100, maria dolores ramirez wrote:
    >Dear listmembers,
    >Does anyone know if there is any software tool to analyse and annotate
    >prosodic features from an oral corpus? Thank you for your help.

    A student of mine just defended an excellent PhD thesis on that very topic.
    She used a bunch of tools for semi-automatic annotation of prosody with
    good results on French, English, italian, German and Spanish. You can have
    a look at the following paper, which gives a (very brief) overview:

    Campione, E., & Véronis , J. (2001). Semi-automatic tagging of intonation
    in French spoken corpora. In P. Rayson, A. Wilson, T. McEnery, A. Hardie &
    S. Khoja (Eds.), Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics'2001 Conference (pp.
    90-99). Lancaster, U.K.: Lancaster University, UCREL.

    [Available on-line:]

    She can probably send you a copy of her thesis if you contact her:

    Estelle Campione <>

    Best regards,

    Jean Véronis

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