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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 13:53:11 MET

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    > I am searching for a corpus of written English text containing
    > spelling errors. Does anybody know where I can find such a corpus?

    The Oxford Text Archive holds the Birkbeck spelling error corpus. The
    Introduction to the Corpus describes itself as follows:

    "The collection is divided into two parts. Nearly all the
    misspellings in the first part were produced by native speakers of
    English, most of them British though three files contain misspellings
    produced by Americans; those in the second part are from non-native
    speakers. Most of the misspellings are spelling errors, ie
    misspellings produced by people who were not sure of the correct
    spelling, rather than slips in typing or handwriting. Some of the
    misspellings were collected in spelling tests or dictations, others
    from free writing. Some are from children, others from adults; some
    are from people receiving special tuition in reading and writing."

    The Corpus is freely available from the OTA web site. If you require any
    further help or information please email us!

    Best wishes,

    Alan Morrison
    Oxford Text Archive


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