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                                  R E M I N D E R

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                                  CALL FOR PAPERS

         Towards a Roadmap for Multimodal Language Resources and Evaluation

                          An ELSNET workshop at LREC 2002

                         Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

                                    June 2, 2002

    Aim of the workshop:

       The aim of the proposed workshop is to bring together key players in
       the field of resources and evaluation in order to make a first step
       towards the creation of a broadly supported Roadmap for Language
       Resources, i.e. a broadly supported view on the longer, medium and
       shorter term needs and priorities. This activity should be seen in the
       context of ELSNET's other roadmapping activities, which aim at
       developing a technological roadmap for the whole field of Human
       Language Technologies.

       The purpose of such roadmaps is to give the R&D community an
       instrument to identify opportunities for concertation of their
       activities and better exploitation of possible synergies between
       players all over the world.

    Scope of this workshop:

       As there is no standard model for roadmaps for resources and
       evaluation available, we will narrow the scope of this roadmapping
       workshop to a specific sub-area: Multimodal Language Resources and
       Evaluation. This will make our discussions more focused and concrete,
       and it will also allow us to exploit the fact that this workshop will
       take place the day after the workshop dedicated to Multimodal
       Resources and Evaluation of Multimodal Systems (MREMS) in general.

    Topics to be addressed will include:

         * Summary of roadmap-relevant issues discussed at the MREMS workshop
           the day before (e.g. challenges)
         * Identification of key issues, their interdependencies, priorities,
           strategies, infrastructures
         * Discussion of appropriate models for the creation and presentation
           of roadmaps (e.g. extrapolation, Delphi methods, timelines,
           scenarios, consensus creation)
         * Creation of a first preliminary roadmap for multimodal resources
           and evaluation
         * Definition of further steps

    Format of the workshop:

       It will be a full-day workshop, with a morning session from 8:30 to
       13:00 and an afternoon session from 14:30 to 19:00. The workshop is
       not intended to be a mini-conference, but as a real workshop aiming at
       a concrete result that should pave the way for further development of
       the resources roadmap. Sessions may include invited talks, a small
       number of refereed presentations, panel sessions, small working groups
       addressing specific questions.

    Intended input:

       For this workshop we need forward-looking (position) papers that aim
       at identifying or interconnecting key issues and resources, major
       challenges, and strategies to reach our goals, as well as papers
       addressing meta issues (i.e. what is a roadmap, how to reach
       consensus, etc).

    Intended output:

       A draft roadmap report that can be published on the web in order to
       elicit feedback, and in order to serve as an example for the creation
       of roadmaps for other subareas.

    Submission details:

       Submissions must be in English, no more than 4 pages long and in
       single column format. Submissions should be sent electronically in
       plain text, MS Word or PDF to


         * Submission deadline: 20 February 2002
         * Notification: 8 March
         * Camera ready papers due: 2 April
         * Workshop date: 2 June


       The regsitration fee for the workshop is 90 EURO for conference
       participants and 140 EURO for others. The fee includes two coffee
       breaks and the proceedings of the workshop.


         * Workshop:
         * Conference:

    Core Programme Committee:

         * Steven Krauwer (ELSNET / Utrecht University)
         * Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI Saarbruecken)
         * Antonio Zampolli (Univ of Pisa)
         * Joseph Mariani (LIMSI, Paris)
         * Ulrich Heid (IMS Stuttgart)
         * Khalid Choukri (ELDA Paris)
         * Mark Maybury (MITRE)

    Contact point:

       Steven Krauwer, ELSNET coordinator,
       UiL-OTS, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, NL
       phone: +31 30 253 6050,
       fax: +31 30 253 6000,

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