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Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 18:40:48 MET

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    Dear Marie,

    The categories you mention, i.e. polywords, multiwords, etc. were
    adapted by Lewis from Nattinger and DeCarrico (Lexical Phrases and
    Language Teaching, OUP 1992), who specified such categories for a
    lexicogrammitical approach to language teaching. They in turn based some
    of their ideas on the typology of Becker ('The Phrasal Lexicon.' in
    Nash-Webber, B. and Schank, R. (eds.) Theoretical Issues in Natural
    language Processing 1. Cambridge, Mass.: Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
    1975), who was a Computational Linguist interested in Artificial
    Intelligence. He obviously drew on existing typologies from other
    research traditions.

    John McKenny posted a bibliography of work in this area to this list on
    5 Aug 1999. For sources on French formulaic expressions you could look
    at the end of Chanier et al. "Modelling Lexical Phrase Acquisition in
    L2" at

    Best wishes,

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    >Does anybody know about an existing list of "institutionalised
    expressions" in French (in the sense defined by Michael Lewis Lexical
    Approach 1993) or about current research on French Lexis that would take
    into account Lewis' dichotomy (polywords, multiwords, collocations,
    institutional phrases) ? Thanks in advance,

            Marie-Pierre Escoubas

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