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Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 21:20:05 MET

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    I must have missed your query regarding this topic, but you might wish to
    look at a paper I wrote with Bruce Croft at SIGIR 1999 about concept
    hierarchies, essentially automatic generation of hierarchical thesauri.

    Also I did some work with a student of mine called Hideo Joho, who worked
    on Marti Hearst's ideas, that work was published in ACM CIKM 2000 and a
    poster in the HLT 2001 conference that is somewhat related.

    Bruce Croft has a PhD student who is working on aspect of the concept
    hierarchies, I think she had a paper at SIGIR 2001, her name is Dawn Lawrie.

    At 10:55 27/01/02 +0100, Adam =?iso-8859-2?q?Przepi=F3rkowski?= wrote:
    >This a brief summary of responses to my query regarding automatic
    >thesaurus generation from large corpora. I am very grateful to Bob
    >Krovetz, Johan Hagman, Sara Rydin and Bill Mann for helpful
    >The following people worked or are working on automatic generation of
    >meaningful hierarchical thesauri:
    >Sharon Caraballo (esp. her recent Ph.D. dissertation available from
    > her home page);
    >Marti Hearst (a 1992 paper available from Marti Hearst's home page);
    >Gregory Grefenstette (I found it more difficult to locate relevant
    > papers);
    >Johan Hagman (results will be presented at JADT
    >Sara Rydin (started work on this for her Ph.D. thesis).
    >Virtually all of the work I located concentrates on automatic
    >detection of hyponymy/hypernymy relations on the basis of textual
    >clues such as "X, including x, y and z" (this normally implies that x,
    >y and z are kinds of X).
    >Bill Mann also mentions the the Oingo search engine which, it is
    >claimed, actually takes advantage of such techniques.
    > Adam P.

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