Re: Corpora: Syntactic/Phonologic network?

From: Andrew Harley (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 14:34:42 MET

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    > COMLEX, which has subcategorization classes for various words, as well
    > as pronunciations, can be used to build a network based on syntactic
    > behavior or pronunciation. The ERG lexicon at the Lingo project at
    > CSLI also has detailed subcategorization information, although for
    > fewer words.
    > Beth Levin's work on verb class alternations, is based on the idea of
    > using syntactic properties to build a semantic net. Timothy Baldwin
    > and myself have done some work on clustering Japanese verbs according
    > to their subcategorization patterns, you can find the relevant papers
    > on my home-page.
    > I hope this is of some help,

    There are a number of other such lexical resources, e.g. the Cambridge
    International Dictionary of English (with full subcategorisation and
    selectional preference information for all senses) and the English
    Pronouncing Dictionary (for phonetic transcriptions). See for more information.

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