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From: Pavel Rychly (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 17:47:28 MET

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    I am pleased to announce that Manatee version 1.11 is now
    available. This is the first public release.

    The Manatee system is a collection of programs for text corpora
    indexing, querying, browsing and statistic computations. It includes
    a nice graphical user interface Bonito.

    Manatee could serve as a direct replacement for the Corpus Workbench
    (CQP) from the Stuttgart University, Manatee uses similar format of
    input texts and almost same query language. It is also possible to
    convert CQP corpora into Manatee binary format using the `importcqp'
    utility included in the distribution.

    You are invited to visit
    for a more complete description of what Manatee is, and access
    to the download files.

    Pavel Rychly  (

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