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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 16:21:00 MET

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                                  Call for Papers
                           MT Roadmap Workshop (March 16)
                              at TMI2002 (March 13-17)
                            Keihanna (near Kyoto), Japan
                                Organized by ELSNET
       Since 2000, ELSNET (The European Network of Excellence in Human
       Language Technologies) has organised a series of workshops aimed at
       the creation of a broadly supported technological roadmap for various
       subfields of language and speech technology. A technology roadmap
       comprises an analysis of the present situation, a vision of where we
       want to be in e.g. ten years from now, and a number of intermediate
       milestones that would help in setting intermediate goals and in
       measuring our progress towards our goals. The function of the road map
       is not to impose anything on anyone, but rather to provide a broadly
       supported definition of a context in which to position the MT
       community's efforts, which would allow us to identify common
       priorities for joint activities in e.g. research, resources and
       training. ELSNET aims at (co-)organizing roadmap workshops at all
       major events in order to encourage continuous reflection on where we
       stand, where we want to go, and, most importantly, how we can get
       It will be a one day workshop consisting of three components:
         * The first component will aim at giving a critical analysis of the
           present state of Machine Translation in the broadest sense.
         * The second component will be dedicated to visions of the future.
         * The third component will aim at identifying major research
           challenges and establishing intermediate milestones on our way
           towards our goals.
       Each of the components could contain
         * an invited speaker or panel,
         * submitted papers (reviewed),
         * and ample space for discussion.
       The results of the discussions will be published in a report that will
       published on ELSNET's website, and that will serve as a starting point
       of a broad consultation of the MT community on the future directions
       of Machine Translation in the broadest sense.
       We invite papers that
         * give critical analyses of the present state of the art in machine
           translation of written and spoken language,
         * present visions of the future of machine translation, both from a
           theoretical, a technological or from an application point of view,
         * identify major milestones and challenges (both theoretical,
           practical and organisational) on our way towards the future.
       Abstracts must be submitted in English, and should be no more than 4
       pages long and in single column format. Submissions should be sent
       electronically in plain text, MS Word or PDF to
       Important dates:
         * Submission deadline: 13 February
         * Notification: 22 February
         * Final papers due: 5 March
         * Workshop: 16 March
       Participants will receive proceedings, containing
         * a summary of the results of the previous MT Roadmap workshop (at
           the MT Summit)
         * summaries of the invited talks
         * full versions of the submitted papers
       The primary audience consists of people with an analytical or future
       oriented, programmatic interest, both from research and from industry.
       The workshop registration fee is 5000 yen (app. 38 USD or 43 Euro).
       Registration details can be found on the TMI 2002 website (see below).
       Main conference:
       This workshop:
       Contact point:
       Steven Krauwer (
       ELSNET / Utrecht University
       Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, NL
       phone +31 30 253 6050
       fax +31 30 253 6000
       Core Programme Committee:
         * Steven Krauwer
         * Laurie Gerber

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