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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 11:15:06 MET

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    ***First announcement and Call for Papers***

    Arabic Language Resources (LR) and Evaluation:
            Status and Prospects

    A Post-Conference Workshop of LREC 2002

            Las Palmas - Canary Islands (Spain)
                    1st June 2002

    More details at:

    Taking place on 1st June, after the main conference (29-30-31 MAY 2002),
    this post-conference workshop should add value to the issues addressed
    during the conference.
    It should bring together people who are actively involved in Arabic written
    language and/or speech processing in a mono- or multilingual context,
    and give them an opportunity to report on completed and ongoing work as
    well as on the availability of LR, evaluation protocols and campaigns, products
    and core technologies. This should enable the participants to develop a common
    view on where we stand with respect to Arabic language processing.

    We expect to identify problems of common interest, and possible mechanisms
    to move towards solutions, such as sharing of resources, tools, standards,
    sharing and dissemination of information and expertise, adoption of current best
    practices, setting up joint projects and technology transfer mechanisms, etc.

    By bringing together players in the Arabic NLP field, we target the definition of a
    first broadly supported Roadmap for Arabic LR, i.e. a broadly supported view on
    the longer, medium and shorter term needs and priorities. This would help the
    community to identify new opportunities and possible synergies.

    The submissions should address some of the LREC issues that are specific and
    of paramount importance to the Arabic resources and evaluation; some of these
    issues are:

    - Issues in the design, construction and use of Arabic Language Resources (LR);
    - Methods, tools, procedures for the acquisition, creation, management, access,
    distribution, use of Arabic LR;
    - Exploitation of LR in different types of applications (information extraction,
    information retrieval, vocal and multisensorial interfaces, translation, summarisation,
    www services, etc.);
    - Industrial LR requirements and community's response;
    - Industrial production and/or use of LR;
    - Evaluation, validation, quality assurance of LR;
    - Benchmarking of systems and products; resources for benchmarking and evaluation
    for written and spoken language processing ;
    - Evaluation of products and applications, benchmarking;
    - Local, regional, and international activities and projects;
    - Needs, possibilities, forms, initiatives of/for regional and international cooperation.


    It will be a full-day workshop. The workshop is not intended to be a mini-
    conference, but as a real workshop aiming at concrete results that should clarify the
    situation of Arabic with respect to Language Resources and Evaluation.
    Sessions will include introductory speeches, invited talks, a small number of refereed presentations, a panel session, etc.


    Submissions must be in English, Abstracts for workshop contributions should not
    exceed two A4 pages (excluding references). An additional title page should state:
    the title; author(s); affiliation(s); and contact author's e-mail address, as well as postal
    address, telephone and fax numbers.

    Submissions are to be sent by email, preferably in Postscript or PDF format, to, by 11th February 2002.
    Abstracts will be reviewed by at least 3 members of the program committee.

    Formatting instructions for the final full version of papers will be sent to authors after
    notification of acceptance.


    - Submission deadline (receipt of abstracts): 11th February 2002
    - Notification of acceptance: 28th February 2002
    - Camera-ready final version for workshop proceedings due: 12th April 2002
    - Workshop date: 1st June 2002


    The workshop will take place on 1st June, following the main LREC 2002 Conference,
    in the Palacio de Congreso de Canarias, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.


    The registration fee for the workshop is:

    If you are also attending LREC: 90 EURO
    If you are not attending LREC: 140 EURO

    All attendees will receive a copy of the workshop proceedings.


    If you need a visa to travel to Spain for the workshop and/or for the conference, please
    send an email to



    Khalid CHOUKRI
    Tel. +33 1 43 13 33 33 - Fax. +33 1 43 13 33 30
    Postal Mail: 55 Rue Brillat-Savarin, 75013 Paris France


    Khalid Choukri, ELRA/ELDA, Paris, France
    Joseph Dichy, Lyon 2 university, Lyon, France
    Steven Krauwer, ELSNET and Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Mustafa Yassen, Amman University; Jordan;


    Abdelhadi Soudi; ENIM, Morocco;
    Abdelhak Mouradi; ENSIAS, Morocco;,
    Abdelkader Fassi-Fehri; IRA, morocco;
    Achraf Chalabi ; Sakhr; Egypt;
    André Jaccarini; Université d'Aix, France;
    Bassam Haddad; Amman University; Jordan;
    Chafic Mokbel; University of Balamand, Lebanon;
    Everhard Ditters; University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands;
    Fathi Debili;CELLMA ENS LSH Lyon, France;
    Jean Senellart ;SYSTRAN, France;
    John Makhoul ; BBN Technologies, GTE Corp., USA;
    Ken Beesley;
    Malek Boualem; FTRD/DMI/LAN, France;
    Mohamed Hassoun; ENSIB, Lyon, France;
    Mohamed Maamouri; LDC, Pen University, USA.
    Mohsen Rashwan; RDI, Egypt;
    Ossama Emam; IBM, Egypt;
    Paul Roochnick;
    Salem Ghazali; IRSIT, Tunisia;
    Salim Roukos; IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA;
    Violetta Cavalli-Sforza; San Francisco State University, USA;

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