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From: Scott Sadowsky (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 14:33:54 MET

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    A couple folks asked me for a summary of the responses to my query about
    Spanish corpora tools, so here it is:

    1. Lluís Padró <> suggested the tools developed by his
    team, which can be seen at Eva Esteve Ferrer
    <> also recommended them. I've been in correspondence
    with Lluís and will definitely be pursuing this possibility, even if it
    involves setting up a Linux box, which is something I haven't done in a
    couple years.

    2. Raf Salkie <> pointed me to Leonel Ruiz Miyares
    ( <>, who has done
    work in this field (cf.

    3. John Goldsmith <> pointed me to a program that
    he's developing, which can be read about and downloaded from
    . I'm also planning on checking this app out as soon as time permits.

    4. Philip Resnik <> and Pasi Tapanainen
    <> pointed me to the commercial tools available
    at .

    5. Susana Sotillo IMAP <> brought a DOS-based
    program, , to my

    Many thanks to everyone for your suggestions. This will definitely keep me
    off the streets and out of trouble for a while.


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