TEI workshop

Harry Gaylord (galiard@let.rug.nl)
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 14:18:33 +0200 (METDST)

The Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative were published in 1994. These
have defined within the ISO Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
for encoding many different text types. The Document Type Definition (DTD)
is modular and can be extended and modified. Tag sets for prose, poetry,
drama, dictionaries, hypertext linking, critical editions, primary sources,
and other documents are included. Linguistic information encoding is also
included as is provision for documents in any language or languages.

SGML is also increasingly being used for hypertext/multimedia, in
particular in its HTML form, which is used on the World-Wide Web.

A Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) workshop will be held at
Groningen University in Groningen, The Netherlands on November 21 and 22.
The subjects will include an Introduction to SGML, SGML and HTML,
SGML Software, the public SGML DTDs, and TEI. In addition there will
be a hands-on session of TEI.

More information and a registration form is available on the web at

The presenters will include Lou Burnard, Harold Short, Bert Bos,
Gerd v.d. Steen, and Harry Gaylord.

Information is also available by email from sgml95@let.rug.nl or
regular mail to TEI workshop, Dept. of Humanities Computing,
Groningen University, POB 716, NL 9700 AS Groningen, The Netherland.

Harry Gaylord