Re: alignment tool

Patrice Bonhomme (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 12:56:56 +0200

> Hi everybody,
> I need information about tools that enable me to align sentences of
> bi(multi)lingual corpora, I mean a tool that identify the correspondences
> between sentences in a text in one language and sentences in the translated
> text in another language.
> It is not a new question (I saw the archive of the list) but it seems very
> difficult to find something working well.
> Please answer directly to me, I'll send a summary.
> Thanks in advance,
> Serge Wessels


We are currently working with sentences alignment in multilingual corpora. We us
e the TEI guidelines to encode the corpora and to keep a track of the alignments

The languages dealt with include some less diffused community languages both out
of personnal choice. For the time being, they are English, French, German, Ita
lian, Greek (!) and Danish. We are considering bringing in Spanish and Portugues

You can have access to a demonstration by Internet at the following URL:

For a future work, we are developping an interface (running first on Unix/Xwindo
ws but later on windows and apple) to manipulate some multilingual corpora in us
ing the principle of a tool-box to have access to a corpus.

This interface will incorporate:
- the TEI guidelines,
- tools for terminology, lexicology
- the multilingual aspects of the texts
- Import/Export text (txt <-> TEI <-> html <-> ...)
- the multilingual alignments,
- ...

This software (n.b.: Xcorpus) will be subject to the license agreement set forth
in the CNRS license.

If you need more information about our work e-mail me.

* * Office : B.228 *
* * Phone : 83 59 20 37 *