New Technical Papers from UCREL

Mr.A.Wilson (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 10:21:33 +0100

Two new Technical Papers are now available from UCREL at
Lancaster University:

volume 5 - Beatrice Daille:
Combined Approach for Terminology Extraction:
Lexical Statistics and Linguistic Filtering

volume 6 - Gerlinde Hardt-Mautner:
"Only Connect." Critical Discourse Analysis and
Corpus Linguistics

Volume 5 costs 3.50 UK pounds, volume 6 costs 2.50 UK pounds.

Cheques in UK currency should be made payable to
"Lancaster University" and sent to:

The UCREL Secretary (Technical Papers)
Department of Linguistics and MEL
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YT
United Kingdom

The other papers in the series are still available. Please check out
our World-Wide-Web site for further details:

Andrew Wilson
Joint General Editor, UCREL Technical Papers