Spanish corpora - summary

Ciara Walsh (
Mon, 14 Aug 95 14:25:21 BST

Here is a summary of the reponses I received. Thanks to all who answered my
query. If anyone has any further information, I would be delighted to hear
from them.
Ciara Walsh

> I am looking for a corpus of spoken Spanish. Could anyone tell me where this
is available?
> thanks
> Ciara Walsh

You can look via WWW at the EUROM-1 corpus, at

Have just read your request for information on corpora of spoken
Spanish. A list of Spanish corpora has just been released on the
'corpora' list by Alice Carlberger ( An updated
version was sent to the 'linguist' list yesterday.

In addition to the corpora specified in A Carlberger's list, I know
of two other spoken ones. I and a colleague from Madrid got
permission to transfer Esgueva and Cantarero *El habla de la ciudad
de Madrid* (1981) into computer-readable form, but anyone else who
wants to use it must apply to Esgueva and Cantarero at the Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones CientIficas, c/ Duque de Medinaceli,
Madrid. It consists of about 134000 words of interviews between 4
generations of Madrid speakers and an investigator, together with
some 'free' dialogue.

Francisco Marcos MarIn, at the Universidad AutOnoma, Madrid, has
built a 'Corpus de Referencia', which contains various kinds of
spoken material and is now, I believe, available from him (by ftp?)

You may try Good luck