Re: factor analysis

Mon, 7 Aug 1995 18:33:24 +0800

Thanks Ted, the Schuetze reference was the one I had heard alluded to,
and was looking for.

Is he the only one who has done this analysis at the word group level?
I seem to hear a lot about a general
"they" who have tried it, but I'm short on specific names.

Viz a viz least squares problems for factor analysis, this is
out of my field, but least squares is just one way to calculate
factors isn't it. I understand it as just one means to an end, and
incidental to the main point of factoring out correlations to represent
data in the smallest number of consistant dimensions. If you could find
ways other than least squares of matching your data points to a model
distribution then there would not be a problem would there?

Rob Freeman