factor analysis

FREEMAN ROBERT JOHN (lcrobf@uxmail.ust.hk)
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 11:43:00 +0800

Has anyone used, or does anyone know of someone who has used
factor analysis as a way of generalizing syntactic
or collocational structure? I have found multidimensional analyses of
semantic associations of words and collocations, but I have seen
only two studies which seem to look at factoring *syntactic* word
association data.

One of them is: Tishby, N. and Gorin, A., Algebraic learning of
statistical associations for language acquisition, Computer Speech
and Language (1994) 8, 51-78, in which the use of such factors seems
to me to be implicit in the method. Another is: Juergen Schmidhuber
and Daniel Prelinger, Discovering Predictable Classifications,
Neural Computation, 5(4):625-635, 1993, which goes on to use
the factors found to define the class of associated words.

I would appreciate hearing about any other studies, and what other
peoples experience of this approach has been. Any general comments
or opinions would also be welcome.

Rob Freeman
Language Center,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology