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Serge Wessels (
Thu, 3 Aug 95 13:16:17 EDT

Dear Mr. Da Rocha,

Your summary is very interesting, do you have more information on the *System Qu
in particular about the format of the input and the output and about the speed o
f the extraction tools ?

Unfortunately, the information you have collected on the Logos system are not up
The Logos system translates from English to French/Italian/German/Spanish and fr
om German to English/French/Italian.
The WWW you gave refers to "another" Logos, we are on the way to create our own
WWW homepages.

There is no more dealer in England, for Europe you can contact Christof Mosing ( or Friederike Bruckert ( in Germany:

LOGOS Computer Integrated Translation GmbH
Mergenthallerallee 79-81
D-65760 Eschborn/Ts.
Tel: +49 (0)619659030
Fax: +49 (0)6196590315

or in the USA Chris Langewis (
Logos Corp. CA
5201 Great America Pkwy
Suite 238
Santa Clara, CA. 95054

Tel: +408-987-5900
Fax: +408-987-6150

Best regards,

Serge Wessels

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