translation systems query

Marco Antonio Da Rocha (
Wed, 2 Aug 1995 17:51:31 +0100 (BST)

Dear all, thanks to all who have responded to my query about available
translation systems. It has finally come to an end and the results are below.
There are important bits of information still missing, but quite a lot has
been collected.

Translation systems in the market

WWW page:
I couldn't find the name of the product they market
but they market one

IBM Personal Translator
DM 500
widely available , according to what I was told
It is good as support. It translates poorly according to the judgement of
people who have used it

WWW page:

Logos Dealer for Europe:
Hodder and Headline
338 Euston Road
Voice: 44 71 873 6000
Direct: 44 71 873 6051
FAX: 44 71 873 6059
I couldn't find the name of the program they market
but they market one.

WWW page:

Translation Experts page in the WWW

A variety of languages available, including Brazilian Portuguese!
However, Italian, for instance, is not available
Italian Assistant
French Assistant
German Assistant
Spanish Assistant

Translates from English into languages specified
operates on 386SX-based PCs or higher
with Microsoft Windows 3.1 or above, 4MB RAM.
Relatively cheap.

by MicroTac Software
4655 Cass Street, 2nd Floor
San Diego
CA 92109
Tel: (619) 272-5700
Fax: (619) 272-9734

Power Translator

DOS, Windows, and Macintosh
French, German or Spanish to/from English
Globalink, Inc.
9302 Lee Highway
Fairfax, Virginia 22031-1208 USA
(703) 273-5600

In Britain:
OneStop Software, 0181 7801001

*System Quirk* is a terminology management
environment, for corpus-based extraction and elaboration of technical
terms. It comprises three tools: KonText, a text analysis tool;
Browser/Refiner, a term bank browsing and editing tool; and the
Virtual Corpus Manager, a corpus management tool. The system was
developed through ESPRIT projects in collaboration with the University
of Surrey. The first commercial release will be in September for a
MS Window version, with a UNIX version scheduled for 1996.

Paul Holmes-Higgin
Language Engineering Manager
Information and Knowledge Environments Limited
40 Occam Road
Surrey Research Park Tel: +44 1483 295744
GUILDFORD GU2 5YG Fax: +44 1483 295745

SYSTRAN PC version
Systran Software, Inc.
7855 Fay Avenue
Suite 300
La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel. +1 619 459 6700
Fax +1 619 459 8487

Translation workbenches

That's all I know about it. It exists.

Hacklaenderstr. 17
70184 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711 / 168 77 0
Fax +49 711 / 168 77 50

Marco A E Rocha
University of Sussex
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
Falmer, Brighton
BN1 9QH - U.K.
fax: +44 +01273 671320