telri seminar announcement
Fri, 21 Jul 95 15:05 MDT



Organized by the
Concerted Action

Trans-European Language
Resources Infrastructure (TELRI)

under the patronage of
the European Commission


15 - 16 SEPTEMBER 1995



Dear Colleagues,

The concerted action TELRI (Trans-European Language
Resources Infrastructure) has the pleasure of inviting you
to participate in the European Seminar of Language Resources
for Language Technology to be held on September 15-16, 1995
in Tihany. A tentative programme is enclosed. The final
version will be circulated later.



The conference will be held in Tihany, an ancient and most
beautiful settlement and spa on Lake Balaton. The site of
the conference is a castle located on the coast of the lake.
Here, the Research Institute of Limnology of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences is located. The accomodations are at
Hotel Park and Castle. This castle was built by the Habsburg
Prince Joseph in 1924. The building is surrounded by a 5
acres park. The rooms, either in the castle itself or in the
modern part of the hotel, have windows that look out on the


Language technology needs language resources such as corpora
of spoken and written language, word lists, lexicons and
tools to extract linguistic knowledge. The resources you use
determine the quality of the products you want to develop
to a great degree: spelling and grammar checkers, speech
recognition systems, multilingual term banks, multi-media
CD-ROM applications, translation aids, etc. Small and
medium-sized companies often cannot afford the expenses of
creating their own resources. TELRI, Trans-European Language
Resources Infrastructure, organises this European Seminar to
give you access to the resources you need.

TELRI is a Concerted Action financed by the European
Commission in the framework of the COPERNICUS programme.
22 leading research institutions in Europe, with large
repositories of linguistic data and internationally
acknowledged expertise in the development of natural
language processing (NLP) software have established a
powerful network serving the needs of European language
industry. TELRI provides generic resources, information and
know-how, and custom-tailored solutions to your specific


The European Seminar Language Resources for Language
Technology is addressed to linguistic software developers,
companies concerned with multi-media electronic publishing,
terminology and translation services, dictionary makers -
in short, to anyone who views multilingual Europe as a
challenge to information technology.


The European Seminar will present three regional scenarios
from the global language technology market: North America,
China and Europe. We will address issues of cooperation
and infrastructure, generic vs. specific resources, legal
issues, standardisation, quality assessment, grants and
funding programmes set up by national and international
bodies, etc.

- We will show you the state of the art in speech
recognition, machine translation and dictionary making. How
profitable is cooperation with academic institutions? Where
in Europe does it cost less than in other parts to create
resources and to develop program modules?

- We will demonstrate a variety of successful joint ventures
between (public) research and (private) industry carried out
all over Europe and with overseas partners. We will present
a plethora of ideas for new projects.

- The European Seminar will present a wide range of computer
demonstrations featuring resources, tools and products in
the field of language technology.

- We will give you an up-to-date view of the existing
and emerging European language technology infrastructure,
of projects, activities, organisations, European development
programmes and international standardisation bodies.

The European Seminar invites you to a European platform
where providers and users of language resources meet,
exchange data and know-how, share expertise and develop
novel concepts. You will meet many of the leading experts of
the European language technology industry.


TELRI Partners:

Adam Mickiewicz University, School of English
Poznan, Poland
Albanian Academy of Science, Institute of Linguistics and Literature
Tirana, Albania
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Bulgarian Language,
Research Group for Formal Linguistics
Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Informatics and Computer
Technology, Linguistic Modelling Laboratory
Sofia, Bulgaria
Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute
for Formal and Applied Linguistics
Prague, Czech Republic
Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Czech Studies
Prague, Czech Republic
Comenius University, Faculty of Education, Computational Linguistics
Bratislava, Slovakia
Gothenburg University, Department of Swedish
Gothenburg, Sweden
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Linguistics
Budapest, Hungarian
Institut National de la Langue Francaise (INaLF), Centre National de
la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Paris, France
Institute for German Language (IDS)
Mannheim, Germany
Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL)
Leiden, the Netherlands
Slovene Academy for Sciences and Arts, Institute for the Slovene
Language "Fran Ramovs"
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale
Pisa, Italy
Josef Stefan Institute,Department of Computer Science and Informatics
Laboratory for Language and Speech Technology
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Romanian Academy, Centre for Advanced Research in Machine Learning,
NLP, and Cognitive Modelling
Bucharest, Romania
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Ludovit Stur Linguistics Institute
Bratislava, Slovakia
Tartu Univeristy, Department of General Linguistics
Tartu, Estonia
University of Birmingham, School of English - Corpus Linguistics
Birmingham, Great Britain
University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Riga, Latvia
University Vytauti Magni, Faculty of Humanities, Centre of
Computational Linguistics
Kaunas, Lithuania
Warsaw University, Institute of Oriental Studies
Warsaw, Poland


September 14, Thursday

Arrival at the meeting point: Research Institute of
Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1040
Budapest, Szinhaz u. 1-3.
Transfer to Tihany

September 15, Friday

* Opening addresses by a representative of the Hungarian
Government(invited: J. Horvath, Budapest) and the European
Commission (J. Rouken, Luxembourg)
* TELRI and the European Language Technology Market (W. Teubert,
* The American Market for Linguistic Data (to be announced)
*** Coffee Break
* Language Resources and Language Engineering in China: A
Challenge for Cooperation (Z. Feng, Beijing)
* Speech Processing: A General Overview of products and
Trends (L. de Sopena, Madrid)
* Machine Translation: State of the Art, Trends and the User
Perspective (S. Krauwer, Amsterdam)
*** Lunch

* Demonstrations
* Joint Venture Case Studies (2)
*** Coffee Break
* Standardisation Issues for Lexicon and Corpora (N. Ide,
* European Infrastructure Developments (A. Zampolli, Pisa)

September 16, Saturday

* Demonstrations
* Joint Venture Case Studies (2)
*** Coffee Break
* The MULTEXT-EAST Project (J. Veronis, Aix-en-Provence)
* The ELSNET Project (E.Hajicova, Prague)
* The Market for Terminology (C. Galinski, Vienna)
*** Lunch Break

* Corpora and their Applications (J. Sinclair, Birmingham)
* Lexical Resources and their Applications (M.Gellerstam,
* Public Domain Generic Tools: An Overview (T. Erjavec, Ljubljana)
*** Coffee Break
* European Commission Language Engineering Programmes (P. Andersen,
* Concluding Discussion (planned: F. Kiefer, Budapest)



To ensure a profitable working atmosphere only 40
participants will be accepted to attend the seminar. In
addition, representatives from all 22 TELRI institutions
and guest speakers will be present to discuss with you all
topics of interest individually.

Final Information Package: August 15

In case you have any technical questions concerning the
programme, accomodation and travel, please contact:

Heart Communicationns Ltd.
1133 Budapest
Karpat u. 2, Hungary
Phone/Fax: +36 1 149 8334 / +36 1 120 2873

In case you need any information regarding the content and
scientific part of the conference, please contact:

Dr. Julia Pajzs
Research Institute of Linguistics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1014 Budapest
Szinhaz u.1-3
Phone: +36 1 175 8011 ext.155
Fax: +36 1 212 2050

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15 - 16 SEPTEMBER 1995

******************REGISTRATION FORM ***********************

Please complete this form and return it to:
Heart Kft
1133 Budapest
Karpat u. 2/a

Family Name:

First Name:







Special Field
of Interest:

REGISTRATION FEE: 400 DM (until 15th August), including the
participation in the conference, the transfer to Tihany,
catering (4 meals and refreshments), evening reception on
Friday, September 15.

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: 450 DM after 15th August

REGISTRATION FOR LODGING: 70 DM / person / night

Please mark the nights you would like to spend at Hotel Park
and Castle (8237 Tihany, Furdotelepi ut 1).
- 14.09
- 15.09
- 16.09
- 17.09

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