Announcing a special TEI issue
Tue, 18 Jul 95 14:16:22 EST

Special Journal Issue on the Text Encoding Initiative:

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Volume 29, Issues 1-3 August 1995
Text Encoding Initiative
Background and Contexts

Articles will include:
*The Text Encoding Initiative: Its History, Goals, and Future
Development by Nancy Ide and C.M. Sperberg-McQueen
*The Design of the TEI Encoding Scheme by C.M. Sperberg-
McQueen and Lou Burnard
*What is SGML and How Does it Help? by Lou Burnard
*Character Representation by Harry Gaylord
*The TEI Header and the Documentation of Electronic Texts
by Richard Giordano
*Practical Considerations in the Use of TEI Headers in Large
Corpora by Dominic Dunlop
*Encoding Verse Texts by David Chisholm and David Robey
*The Show Must Go On: Problems of Tagging Performance Texts
by John Lavagnino and Elli Mylonas
*Textual Criticism by Robin Cover and Peter Robinson
*Speaking with One Voice: Encoding Standards and the
Prospects for an Integrated Approach to Computing in History by
Daniel Greenstein and Lou Burnard
*The Encoding of Spoken Texts by Stig Johansson
*E-TIF: An Electronic Terminology Interchange Format by Alan
*Encoding Dictionaries by Nancy Ide and Jean Veronis
*The TEI Hypertext Guidelines by Steven J. DeRose and
David Durand
*Rationale for the TEI Recommendations for Feature-Structure
Markup by O. Terence Langendoen and Gary F. Simons
*Hierarchical Encoding of Text: Technical Problems and SGML
Solutions by David Barnard, Lou Burnard, Jean-Pierre
Gaspart, Lynne A. Price C.M. Sperberg-McQueen, Giovanni
Battista Varile
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