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IEEE Computer
Theme Issue on
Interactive Natural Language Processing

Computer has planned to devote the July 1996 issue to Interactive
Natural Language Processing. Manuscripts reporting survey, original
research, design and development, and applications of Interactive
Natural Language Processing are sought immediately in the following

+ Speech Understanding and Generation Platforms
+ Natural Language Interfaces and User Interface Management Systems
+ Dialog/Discourse Management and Story Understanding Environments
+ Interactive Machine Translation systems (and Translator's Workbenches)
+ Intelligent Writing Agents

Papers on successful large-scale natural language processing systems,
integrated speech and natural language understanding applications,
dialog management and story understanding systems, and toolbeds for
developing such applications are especially desired.

The particular focus of this theme issue is the special considerations
in theory and practice of "real-time" processing of natural language as
opposed to "batch-mode" processing. How do the theoretical and
processing assumptions differ when the input stream is "live", thus
increasing the emphasis on response time and throughput? What are the
trade-offs? What are the mechanisms (symbolic, statistical,
connectionist, hybrid)? Finally, what are the strategies that enable
interactive natural language processing to either be effected or

Instructions for Submitting Manuscripts:

Manuscripts should be no longer than 20 double spaced, single sided
pages, including all text, figures, and references. No more than 12
references should be cited. Papers must not have been previously
published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts
should have a title page that includes: the title of the paper, full
name, affiliation, physical address, electronic address, and telephone
numbers of all of the authors, a 100 to 150 word abstract, and, a list
of keywords that identify the central issues of the manuscript's


+ 100 to 150 word abstract of the manuscript September 19, 1995
+ Seven copies of the manuscript December 19, 1995
+ Notification of decisions April 1996
+ Final version of the manuscript May 14, 1996
+ Date of special issue July 1996

Questions regarding the special issue can be directed to:

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The Institute for the Learning Sciences
Northwestern University
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Phone: (708) 491-7535
Fax: (708) 491-5258

If you are willing to referee papers for the special issue, please send
a note with research interests to:

Michelle J. Masseth
Computer Reviews Coordinator
Computer Society Publications Office
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
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Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1264
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