Call For Paper -- Int. Conf. on Chinese Computing'96 (ICCC96)
Wed, 05 Jul 95 13:58:17 +0800

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International Conference on Chinese Computing'96 (ICCC96)

The Latest Technological Advancement and Applications

June 4-7 (Tues. - Fri.)

Jointly Organized by
Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society (Singapore)
Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Chinese Information Processing Society (China)

The theme of this conference is the application of advanced
technologies and knowledge to the processing of Chinese,
Japanese, Korean and other oriental languages. Recent
advances and developments in methodologies, systems and
software and hardware will be emphasized.

Suggested topics included but are not limited to the

Large-scale lexical database construction
Syntactic and semantic analysis
New input methods and their applications
Natural language interface
Machine(-aided) translation
Intelligent information retrieval
Application of corpus and statistics
Text classification and abstraction
Discourse understanding
Knowledge acquisition and representation
Speech I/O and OCR (printed / handwriting)
Chinese Internet (WWW) and E-mail
Font generations and Typesetting
Localization (Han Hua)

Send 3 copies of full paper of not more than 8000 words to:

Prof. Dong Zheng Dong
Institute of Systems Science
National University of Singapore
Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Kent Ridge
Singapore 0511
FAX: (65) 774 4998

Prof. Huang Chang Ning
Department of Computer Science
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China 100084
FAX: (86 10) 256 2768

It is encouraged to communicate electronically with the conference's
organizing committee at:

fax: (65) 774 4998

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline Dec. 1 1995
Notification Mar. 1 1996
Final manuscript Apr. 1 1996

Official Languag:
English and Chinese.

An English abstract must be provided if the paper is written
in Chinese.

Proposals for tutorial should be submitted by 1 Oct. 1995 to:

Dr. Lua Kim Teng
Department of Information Systems & Computer Science,
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge, Singapore 0511
Fax 65-7722782, email

Institute of Systems Science, National University of
Singapore, Singapore 0511