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A35James J. MaguireA Family Affair
A36William GombergUnions and the Anti-Trust Laws
A37TimeNational Affairs
A38Sports IllustratedA Duel Golfers Will Never Forget
A40TimePeople. Art & Education
A41Robert WallaceThis Is The Way It Came About
A42NewsweekNational Affairs
A43AU. S. News & World ReportBetter Times for Turnpikes
A43BU. S. News & World ReportA Plan to Free U. S. Gold Supply
A44AJohn TebbelBooks Go Co-operative
A44BGilbert ChapmanReading and the Free Society
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B21AGerald W. JohnsonThe Cult of the Motor Car
B21BJames DeakinHow Much Fallout Can We Take
B22CommonwealWeek by Week
B23AWilliam F. Buckley, Jr.We Shall Return
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D01 William PollardPhysicist and Christian
D02Schubert OgdenChrist Without Myth
D03Edward E. KellyChristian Unity in England
D04Jaroslav PelikanThe Shape of Death
D05Perry MillerTheodore Parker: Apostasy With in Liberalism
D06A Howard KellyOut of Doubt into Faith
D06BShirley SchuylerNot as the World Giveth
D06CNathanael OlsonAre You in Orbit?
D07Peter EldersveldFaith Amid Fear
D08Schuyler CammannThe Magic Square of Three
D09Eugene E. GolayOrganizing the Local Church
D10Huston SmithInterfaith Communication: The Contemporary Scene
D11Paul RamseyWar & the Christian Conscience
D12Kenneth Underwood and Widen JacobsonProbing the Ethics of Realtors
D13ADonald H. AndrewsThe New Science & the New Faith
D13BGeorge Bo LongstreetThe Seeming Impossible
D14Kenneth S. LatouretteChristianity in a Revolutionary Age
D15Ernest BeckerZen: A Rational critique
D16AAnonymousWhat the Holy Catholic Bible Teach
D16BHarold BrennemanNotice You May Do As You Please
D17AAnonymousGuideposts: 15th Anniversary Issue
D17BJ. I. RiveroThe Night Our Paper Died
E01A Ben WelderHenri de Courcy: Jr. Mr. Canada
E0lBJoe WelderThe Mark of the Champion
E02ADorothy SchroederPlant a Carpet of Bloom
E02BAnonymousAvocado is Something Special
E03D. F. MartinWill Aircraft or Missiles Win Wars?
E04AHarris GoldsmithThe Schnabel Pro Arte Trout
E04BRobert C. MarshThe True Sound of a Solid Second
E04CR.D.D.Review of Adam, Giselle
E05APaul NigroThe Younger Generation
E05BPatricia BarneyUse of Common Sense Makes Dogs Acceptable
E05CAnonymousThe Malady Lingers On
E06Joseph E. ChoateThe American Boating Scene
E07Paul Larson and Gordon OdegardHow to Design Your Interlocking Frame
E08Don FranciscoFormulas and Math Every Hot Rodder Should Know
E09ADon McMahanThe Week at Ben White Raceway
E09BEdith ShawThe Picture at Del Mar
E10Larry KollerThe New Guns of 61
E11Idwal JonesSanta Cruz Run
E12Julia NewmanTravel and Camera USA
E13Robert DeardorffStep by Step through Istanbul
E14Ann CarnahanNick Manero's Cook-out Barbecue Book
E15AAnonymousPottery from Old Molds
E15BAnonymousKnitting Knacks
E16Hal KellyBuild Hotei
E17AAnonymousThis is the Vacation Cottage You Can Build
E17BPatrick K. SnookCare and Basic Use of the Drill Press
E18ALura W. WatkinsThe Bridge Over the Merrimac
E18BBoyd B. StutlerVeteran Philippi Bridge
E19Booth Hemingway and Stuart H. BrownHow to Own a Pool and Like It.
E20AnonymousWhat You Should Know About Air Conditioning
E21Richard McCoshRecreation Site Selection
E22ARoy HarrisRoy Harris Salutes Serge Prokofieff
E22BHelen HavenerA 30 Years War
E23Norman KentThe Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason
E24Bonnie PruddenThe Dancer & the Gymnast
E25Walter Ho BuchsbaumAdvances in Medical Electronics
E26Bern DibnerOersted & the Discovery of Electromagnetism
E27AMike BayWhat Can Additives Do for Ruminants?
E27BJames S. BoydWhich Feed Bunk for You
E28John R. SargentWhere to Aim Your Planning
E29Edward A. WaltonOn Education for the Interior Designer
E30AnonymousThe Attack on Employee Services
E31AJim DeeExpanding Horizons
E31BGeorge LaycockThe Challenge
E32E. J. TangermanWhich Way Up. Technical or Management?
E33ARobert GrayFifty Houses, One Tank
E33BChet CunninghamTruck Talk
E34AnonymousThe New Look in Signs
E35AnonymousThe Industrial Revolution in Housing
E36Ethel NorlingRenting a Car in Europe
F01 Rosemary BlackmonHow Much Do You Tell When You Talk?
F02Glenn InfieldAmerica's Secret Poison Gas Tragedy
F03Nathan RapportI've Been Here Before
F04Ruth F. RosevearNorth Country School Cares for the Whole Child
F05Richard S. AllenWhen Fogg Flew the Mail
F06AAlice Ho AustinLet's Discuss Retirement
F06BHarold P. WinchesterWhat It Means to be Creative
F07AMarvin Sentnor and Stephen HultHow to Have a Successful Honeymoon
F07BHo Walter YoderAttitudes Toward Nudity
F08Philip ReavesWho Rules the Marriage Bed?
F09ADavid MartinsonFantastic Life & Death of the Golden Prostitute.
F09BIsel D. RuggetWhen It Comes to Carpets
F10Jack KaplanTherapy by Witchcraft
F11Lillian PompianTooth-Straightening Today
F12Marian NeaterNew Methods of Parapsychology.
F13Orlin J. ScovillePart-time Farming
F14Harold RosenbergThe Trial and Eichmann
F15John A. O'BrienLet's Take Birth Control Out of Politics
F16James BoylanMutiny
F17John Harnsberger and Robert P. WilkinsTransportation on the Northern Plains
F18Bell I. WillyHome Letters of Johnny Reb & Billy Yank
Fl9Tristram P. CoffinFolklore in the American Twentieth Century
F20Kenneth AllsopThe Bootleggers and Their Era
F21AJoseph BernsteinGiant Waves
F21BL. Don LeetIntroduction
F21CL. Don LeetThe Restless Earth and Its Interiors
F22Booton HerndonFrom Custer to Korea, the 7th Cavalry
F23Barry GoldwaterA Foreign Policy for America
F24Peter J. WhiteReport on Laos
F25David BoroffJewish Teen-Age Culture
F26Amy LathropPioneer Remedies from Western Kansas
F27Creighton ChurchillA Notebook for the Wines of France
F28Frank O. GatellDoctor Palfrey Frees His Slaves
F29Douglass CaterThe Kennedy Look in the Arts
F30Frederic A BirminghamThe Ivy League Today
F31Edward Do RadinLizzie Borden: The Untold Story
F32Florence M. ReadThe Story of Spelman College
F33James Be ConantSlurs and Suburbs
F34Frederic R. Senti and W. Dayton Maclay Age-old uses of Seeds and Some New Ones
F35Ramon F. AdamsThe Old-time Cowhand
F36Robert Easton and Mackenzie BrownLord of Beasts
F37Samuel M. CavertOn the Road to Christian Unity
F38Robert SmithBaseball in America
F39Clark E. VincentUnmarried mothers
F40William GreenleafMonopoly on Wheels
F41George W. OakesTurn Right at the Fountain
F42James BaldwinNobody Knows My Name
F43Frank Getlein and Harold C. GardinerMovies, Morals, and Art
F44Gibson WinterThe Suburban Captivity of the Churches
F45Paul C. PhillipsThe Fur Trade
F46Russell BakerAn American in Washington
F47Clara L. SimervilleHome Visits Abroad
F48Paul RamseyChristian Ethics & the Sit-In
G01 Edward P. LawtonNorthern Liberals & Southern Bourbons
G02Arthur S. MillerToward a Concept of National Responsibility
G03Peter WydenThe Chances of Accidental War
G04Eugene BurdickThe Invisible Aborigine
G05Terence O'DonnellEvenings at the Bridge
G06ARuth BergesWilliam Steinberg, Pittsburgh's Dynamic Conductor
G06BHenry W. KollerGerman Youth Looks to the Future
G07Richard B. MorrisSeven Who Set Our Destiny
G08Frank MurphyNew Southern Fiction: Urban or Agrarian?
G09Selma J. CohenAvant-Garde Choreography
G10Clarence StreitHow the Civil War Kept You Sovereign
G11Frank OppenheimerScience and Fear
G12Tom F. DriverBeckett by the Madeleine
G13Charles GlicksbergSex in Contemporary Literature
G14Helen H. SantmeyerThere Were Fences
G15Howard NemerovThemes and Methods: Early Storie of Thomas Mann
G16John F. HaywardMimesis & Symbol in the Arts
G17Randall StewartA Little History, a Little Honesty
G18Charles W. StorkVerner von Heidenstam
Gl9R. F. ShawThe Private Eye
G20Dan McLachlan, Jr.Communication Networks & Monitoring
G21Brainard CheneyChristianity & the Tragic Vision
G22Kenneth ReinerCoping with Runaway Technology
G23William C. SmithWhy Fear Ideas
G24Sanchia ThayerPersonality & Moral Leadership
G25Stanley ParryThe Restoration of Tradition
G26Selma FraibergTwo Modern Incest Heroes
G27Matthew JosephsonJean Hélion. The Return from Abstract Art
G28Arlin TurnerWilliam Faulkner, Southern Novelist
G29AnonymousReferences for the Good Society
G30Norwood R. HansonCopernican & Keplerian Astronomy
G31Irving FinemanWoman of Valor: Life of Henrietta Szold 1860-1945
G32Finis FarrFrank Lloyd Wright
G33Virgilia PetersonA Matter of Life and Death
G34Harry GoldenCarl Sandburg
G35Dwight D. EisenhowerPeace With Justice
G36DeWitt Copp & Marshall PeckBetrayal at the UN
G37Gordon L. HallGolden Boats from Burma
G38Bertrand A. GoldgarThe Curse of Party
G39Edward JablonskiHarold Arlen Happy with the Blues
G40Gene FowlerSkyline: A Reporter's Reminiscences of the 1920s.
G41Lillian R. Parka and Frances S. Leighton My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House
G42Harold D. LasswellEpilogue
G43Robert E. LaneThe Liberties of Wit
G44Newton StallknechtIdeas and Literature
G45W. A. SwanbergCitizen Hearst: A Biography of W. R. Hearst
G46Henry R. WinklerGeorge Macaulay Trevelyan
G47Carry DavisThe World Is My Country
G48Francis F. McKinneyEducation in Violence
G49Paul van K. ThomsonFrancis Thompson, a Critical Biography
G50Curtis C. DavisThe King's Chevalier
G51Ilka ChaseThe Carthaginian Rose
G52Robert L. DuncanReluctant General
G53Bertram LippincottIndians, Privateers, and High Society
G54Mabel W. Wheaton & LeGette BlytheThomas Wolfe & His Family
G55Ralph E. FlandersSenator from Vermont,. 112
G56Keith F. McKeanThe Moral Measure of Literature
G57Robin M. Williams, Jr.Values & Modern Education in the United States
G58North CallahanDaniel Morgan
G59Esther R. CliffordA Knight of Great Renown
G60Gertrude Berg & Cherney BergMolly and Me
G61Donald A. WhiteLitus Saxonicum
G62C. H. CramerNewton D. Baker
G63George SteinerThe Death of Tragedy
G64Mark EcclesShakespeare in Warwickshire
G65Timothy P. DonovanHenry Adams & Brooks Adams
G66Van Wyck BrooksFrom the Shadow of the Mountain
G67Mark SchorerSinclair Lewis: An American Life
G68Harris F. FletcherThe Intellectual Development of John Milton
G69Mark R. HillegasDystopian Science Fiction
G70Joseph W. KrutchIf You Don't Mind My Saying So
G71Joseph FrankAndré Malraux: The Image of Man
G72J W. FulbrightFor a Concert of Free
G73Carolyn SeeThe Jazz Musician as Patchen's Hero
G74John McCormickThe Confessions of Jean Jacques Krim
G75George GarrettA Wreath for Garibaldi
H01 U. S Dep't of CommerceHandbook of Federal Aids to Communities
H02U. S. Dep't of StateAn Act for International Development
H03U. S. 87th CongressHouse Document No. 487
H04R. I. Legislative CouncilState Automobiles & Travel Allowances
H05R. I. Leglelative CouncilTaxing of Movable Tangible Property
H06R. I. Development CouncilAnnual Report, 1960
H07R. I. Legislative Councillinlform Fiscal Year for Municipalities
H08John A. Notte, Jr.R. I. Governor's Proclamations
H09U. S. 87th CongressPublic Laws 295, 300, 347
H10U. S. Dep't of DefenseMedicine in National Defense
H11U. S. Dep't of Commerce1961 Reaearch Highlights, Nat'1 Bureau of Standards
H12U. S. 87th CongressLegislation on Foreign Rels
H13U. S. 87th CongreasCongressional Record: Extension of Remarks. May 2, 1961
H14U. S. Dep't of Health, Education & Welfare Grants-in-Aid and Other Financial Assistance Programs
H15U. S. Office of Civil and Defence MobilizationThe Family Fallout Shelter
H16U. S. ReportsCases AdJudged in the Supreme Court, October Tenm 1960
H17U. S. ReportsCases AdJudged in the Supreme Court, October Tenm 1959-60
H18Dean RuskThe Department of State
Hl9Peace CorpsFact Book
H20U. S. Dep't of AgricultureDevelopment Program for the National Forests
H21Dwight D. EisenhowerPublic Papers, 1960-61
H22U. S. Dep't of StateU. S. Treatiea and Other International Agreements
H23U. S. Federal Communications CommiasionPederal Communications Commission Reports
H24U. S. Tresaury Dep'tYour Federal Income Tax
H25Guggenheim FoundationReport of the Secretary Gen'1
H26AnonymousA Brief Background of Brown & Sharpe
H27ARobert LeesonLeesona Corporation President's Report
H27BLeesona CorporationMore Efficient Production for Expanding Textile Markets
H28Carleton CollegeCarleton College Bulletin
H29Sprague Electric CompanySprague Log
H30Carnegie FoundationAnnual Report of Year Ending June 30, 1961
J01 Cornell H. MayerRadio. Emission of the Moon and Planets
J02R. C. Binder et al.1961 Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics Institute
J03Harry H. HullNormal Forces & Their Thermodynamic Significance
J04James A. Ibers et al.Proton Magnetic Resonance Study
J05John R. Van Wazer, ed.Phosphorus and Its Compounds
J06Francis J. Johnston & John E. WillardExchange Reaction Between C12 and CC14
J07J. F. VedderMicrometeorites
J08LeRoy FothergillBiological Warfare
J09M. Yokayama et alChemical & Serological Characteristics
J10B. J. D. MeeuseThe Story of Pollination
J11Clifford H PopeThe Ciant Snakes
J12Richard F McLaughlin et al.A Study of the Subgross Pulmonary Anatomy
J13S. Idell Pyle et al.Onsets, Completions & Spans
J14Jacob Robbins et al.The Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
J15J. W. C. Hagstrom et. al.Debilitating Muscular Weakness
Jl6A. N. Nagaraj & L. M. BlackLocalization of Wound-Tumor Virus Antigen
J17E. GellhornProlegomena to a Theory of the Emotions
J18Kenneth Hoffman & Ray KunzeLinear Algebra
Jl9Frederick Mosteller et al.Probability with Statistical Applications
J20R. P. JerrardInscribed Squares in Plane Curves
J21C. R. Wylie, Jr.Line Involutions in S3
J22Max F. Millikan & Donald L. Blackmer, editorsThe Emerging Nations
J23Joyce O. HertzlerAmerican Social Institutions
J24Howard J. ParadPreventive Casework: Problems & Implications
J25Sister Claire M. SawyerSome Aspects of Fertility of a Tri-Racial Isolate
J26Frank LorimerDemographic Information on Tropical Africa
J27Dale L. WombleFunctional Marriage Course for the Already Married
J28William H. Ittelson & Samuel B. Kutash, editorsPerceptual Changes in Psychopathology
J29Jesse W. Grimes & Wesley Allinsmith Compulsivity, Anxiety & School Achievement
J30Raymond J. CorsiniRoleplaying in Business & Industry
J31Harold SearlesSchizophrenic Communication
J32Hugh Kelly & Ted ZieheGlossary Lookup Made Easy
J33Ralph Bc LongThe Sentence & Tts Parts
J34H.A. CleasonReview of African Language Studies
J35A. T. KroeberSemantic Contribution of Lexicostatistics
J36D. F. FlemingThe Cold War & Its Origins
J37Douglas AshfordElections' in Morocco: Progress or Confusion
J38Committee for Economic DevelopmentDistressed Areas in a Growing Economy
J39William O'ConnorStocks, Wheat & Pharaohs
J40James J. O'LearyThe outlook for Interest Rates in 1961
J41Allan J. Braff & Roger F. MillerWage-Price Policies Under Public Pressure
J42Morton A. Kaplan ~ Nicholas Katzenbach The Political Foundation of Internationa1 Law
J43Wallace MendelsonJustices Black & Frankfurter
J44J. Mitchell Reese, Jr,Reorganization Transfers
J45Albert Schreiber et al.Defense Procurement & Small Business
J46Irving PerlussAgricultural Labor Disputes in California 1960
J47William S. RaganTeaching America's Children.
J48Paul CookeDesegregated Education in the Middle-South Region
J49Robert J. HavighurstSocial-Class Influences on American Education
J50James C. BonbrightPrinciples of Public Utility Rates
J51Irving L. HorowitzPhilosophy, Science & the Sociology of Knowledge
J52Brand BlanshardThe Emotive Theory
J53William S. HaymondIs Distance an Original Factor in Vision?
J54Chester G. StarrThe Origins of Greek Civilization 1100-650 B. C
J55Jim B. PearsonThe Maxwell Land Grant
J56Edwin L. Bigelow & Nancy H. OtisManchester, Vermont, A Pleasant Land
J57J. H. HexterThomas More: on the Margins of Modernity
J58John M, RayRhode Island's Reactions to John Brown's Raid
J59Clement GreenbergCollage
J60Robert A. FuttermanThe Future of Our Cities
J61Allyn CoxCompleting & Restoring the Capitol Frescos
J62Jimmy ErnstA Letter to Artists of the Soviet Union
J63John H. SchaarEscape from Authority, Perspectives of Erich Fromm
J64Katherine G. McDonaldFigures of Rebellion
J65Samuel HynesThe Pattern of Hardy's Poetry
J66Kenneth RexrothDisengagament: The Art of the Beat Generation
J67William WhallonThe Diction of Beowulf
J68Charles R. ForkerThe Language of Hands in Great Expectations
J69I. B. M. CorporationIBM 7070, Autocoder Reference Manual
J70Ross E. McKinney & Howard EddeAerated Lagoon for Suburban Sewage Disposal
J71Thomas D. McGrathSubmarine Defense
J72Mellon InstituteAnnual Report; 1960, Independent Research
J73Nat'l Research CouncilDirectory of Continuing Numerical Data Projects
J74Harlan W. NelsonFood Preservation by Ionizing Radiation
J75W. K. AsbeckForces in Coatings Removal Knife Cutting Method
J76Joel Frados, editorSurvey of Foamed Plastics
J77William D. Appel, editor1961 Technical Manual of American Ass'n of Textile Chemists & Colorists
J78Paul J. Dolon & Wilfrid F. Niklas Gain & Resolution of Fiber Optic Intensifier
J79Rutherford ArisThe O'ptim.A1 Design of Chemical Reactors
J80C. J. Savant Jr. & R. C. HowardPrinciples of Inertial Navigation
K01 Christopher DavisFirst Family
K02Clayton C. BarbeauThe Ikon
K03Tristram CoffinNot to the Swift
K04W. E. B. Du BoisWorlds of Color
K05David StactonThe Judges of the Secret Court
K06Louis ZaraDark Rider
K07Francis PolliniNight
K08Guy EndoreVoltaire! Voltaire!
K09Howard FastApril Morning
K10Gladys H. BarrThe Master of & Geneva
K11Robert Penn WarrenWilderness
K12Gerald GreenThe Heartless Light
Kl3William MaxwellThe Chateau
K14Irving StoneThe Agony & the Ecstasy
K15Ann HebsonThe Lattimer Legend
K16Stephen LongstreetEagles Where I Walk
Kl7Leon UrisMila 8
K18John Dos PassosMidcentury
K19Robert J DuncanThe Voice of Strangers
K20Guy BoltonThe Olympians
K21Bruce PalmerMy Brother's Keeper
K22John CheeverThe Brigadier & the Golf Widow
K23Prieda ArkinThe Tight of the Sea
K24W. H. GassThe Pedersen Kid
K25Arthur MillerThe Prophecy
K26Jane G. RushingAgainst the Moon
K27E. Lucas MyersThe Vindication of Dr. Nestor
K28Sallie BinghamMoving Day
K29Marvin SchillerThe Sheep's in the Meadow.
L01 Winfred Van AttaShock Treatment
L02A. A. FairBachelors Get Lonely
L03Amber DeanEncounter With Evil
L04David AlexanderBloodstain
L05Brett HallidayThe Careless Corpse
L06Thomas B. DeweyHunter at Large
L07Genevieve GoldenDeadlier Than the Male
L08Dell ShannonThe Ace of Spades
L09Mignon G. EberhartThe Cup, the Blade or the Swords
L10Harry BleakerImpact
L11Hampton StoneThe Man Who Looked Death in the Eye
L12Whit Masterson Evil Come, Evil Go
L13Dolores HitchensFootsteps in the Night
Ll4Frances & Richard LockridgeMurder Has Its Points
L15Doris M. DisneyMrs. Meeker's Money
L16Alex GordonThe Cipher
L17Brent JamesNight of the Kill
L18George H. CoxeError of Judgment
L19Brad WilliamsMake a Killing
L20Ed LacyDeath by the Numbers
L21Helen McCloyThe Black Disk
L22S. L. M. BarlowMonologue of Murder
L23J. W. RoseTry My Sample Murders
L24Fredric BrownThe Murders
M01 Robert Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land
M02Philip J. FarmerThe Lovers
M03James BlishThe Star Dwellers
M04Jim HarmonThe Planet with No Nightmare
M05Anne McCaffreyThe Ship Who Sang
M06Cordwainer Smith A Planet Named Shayol
N0l Wayne D. OverholserThe Killer Marshall
N02Clifford Irving The Valley
N03Cliff Farrell The Trail of the Tattered Star
N04James D. HoranThe Shadow Catcher
N05Richard FerberBitter Valley
N06Thomas AndersonHere Comes Pete Now
N07Todhunter BallardThe Night Riders
N08Mary SavageJust for Tonight
N09Jim ThompsonThe Transgressors
N10Joseph ChadwickNo Land Is Free
N11Gene CaesarRifle for Rent
N12Edwin BoothOutlaw Town
N13Martha F. McKeownMountains Ahead
N14Peter FieldRattlesnake Ridge
N15Donald J. PlantzSweeney Squadron
N16Ralph J. SalisburyOn the Old Sante Fe Trail to Siberia
N17Richard S. PratherThe Bawdy Beautiful
N18Peter BainsWith Women Education Pays off
Nl9David JacksonThe English Gardens
N20T. C. McClaryThe Flooded Dearest
N21C. T. SommersThe Beautiful Mankillers of Eromonga
N22Gordon JohnsonA Matter of Curiosity.
N23Wheeler HallAlways Shoot to Kill
N24T. K. Brown IIIThe Fifteenth Station
N25Wesley NewtonAid & Comfort to the Enemy
N26Paul BrockToughest Lawman in the Old West
N27James Hines & James MorrisJust Any Girl
N28Ralph GrimshawMrs. Hacksaw, New Orleans Society Killer
N29Harlan EllisonRiding the Dark Train Out
P01 Octavia WaldoA Cup of the Sun
P02Ann RitnerSeize a Nettle
P03Clark McMeekinThe Fairbrothers
P04B. J. ChuteThe Moon & the Thorn
P05Allan R. BosworthThe Crows of Edwina Hill
P06Richard TiernanLand of the Silver Dollar
P07Vina DelmarThe Big Family
P08R. Leslie CourseWith Gall & Honey
P09Jesse Hill FordMountains of Gilead
P10Jay WilliamsThe Forger
P11Bessie BreuerTake Care of My Roses
P12Morley CallaghanA Passion in Rome
P13Frank B. HanesThe Fleet Rabble
P14Livingston Biddle, Jr.Sam Bentley's Island
P15Loretta BurroughThe Open Door
P16Margery F. BrownA Secret Between Friends
P17Al HineThe Huntress
P18AnonymousNo Room in My Heart to For Give
Pl9AnonymousThis Cancer Victim May Ruin My Life
P20Spencer NorrisDirty Dog Inn
P21Elizabeth SpencerThe White Azalea
P22AnonymousA Husband Stealer from Way Back
P23Barbara RobinsonSomething Very Much in Common
P24Samuel ElkinThe Ball Player
P25William ButlerThe Pool at Ryusenji
P26Ervin D. KrauseThe Snake
P27Lee McGiffinMeasure of a Man
P28Carol HooverThe Shorts on the Bedroom Floor
P29Robert CarsonMy Hero
R01 Anita LoosNo Mother to Guide Her
R02Jean MercierWhatever You Do, Don't Panic
R03Patrick DennisLittle Me
R04Edward StreeterThe Chairman of the Bored
R05Evan EsarHumorous English
R06James ThurberThe Future, If Any, of Comedy
R07John H. WildmanTake It Off
R08ALeo LemonCatch Up With
R08BLeo LemonSomething to Talk About
R09S. J. PerelmanThe Rising Gorge

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